Vera Balance formula is more for blood sugar control, metabolism, energy, hormones, mental focus. The Vera Build formula is more for inflammation, joint pain, lean muscle, amino acid support, exercise recovery, strengthening the body from the inside out.
It was designed to bridge the gap between what nutrients God intended you to have in your daily diet to function at maximum levels of health and wellness and what you actually get from your standard American diets. The positive effects of this formula can be felt very quickly but the benefits are cumulative and should get better as time goes on. We recommend 60-90 days to get the full benefits of the formula, but many people notice results in the first couple of weeks.
Yes and it’s a great nutritional boost for everyone in the morning right before breakfast.
Yes and we have many great testimonials from seniors and good nutrition makes sense for everyone. Always check with your health care professional.
Many do, but again we always recommend that you consult with your physician. Taking any supplement is always a greater risk during pregnancy and using extreme caution is good advice. If there is any question at all, do not take it.
Absolutely. Vera Balance can actually enhance the effectiveness of other nutrients. You may find that after a period of time on the product, you can cut some of the other supplements back because of your results. There have been no reported adverse interactions at all.
Please consult with your physician because we are not allowed to make those kinds of decisions. There have been no adverse side effects with prescriptions or medicines to our knowledge, but every person is different. Remember, Vera Balance is a dietary food supplement. If you do take prescription drugs, just try to take them at a different time so that you do not decrease the effectiveness of Vera Balance.
NO!!! Vera Balance is stimulant free and all Natural.
No and neither is Vitamin C. The FDA approves and promotes pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic chemicals. They do not get involved with all natural nutritional products. However, all of our formulas are produced in a GMP – FDA inspected facility.
There is no set way to enjoy the many health benefits of Vera Balance, but most people take the product first thing in the morning depending on their schedule. Just simply take 1 oz. (1 capful) every day. Then follow with 6 to 8 oz. of drinking water when possible. A second serving can also be taken later in the day or at night. It’s best taken on an empty stomach but not required. When taken on an empty stomach, you will absorb the ingredients more quickly and more efficiently. It will not hurt you in any way to take it with a meal but the formula will not be absorbed as quickly.
Yes! It is all natural and we use no artificial ingredients are flavors. It is completely safe with no harmful stimulants or side effects!
Definitely!! Not only is it an excellent product for general wellness, it has many nutrients that can enhance performance naturally and safely. Some of the nutrients have been shown to increase energy, stamina and performance and actually help transport glucose to the muscle cell as well as help cut recovery time in half. Many athletes take before and directly after workouts and competitions.
Yes of course, but taking more than 3 serving per day in not recommended or necessary.
About 2 years un-opened (un-used) and about 90 days if already opened. Please refrigerate after opening for freshness.
That can actually be a good sign and may be a natural detox. Even though this happens very rarely, some people do experience a mild detoxification or cleansing process. This means that the concentrated nutrients in Vera Balance are starting to work on the weak areas of the body. In some cases a person will feel a little sick for a few days until the toxins are eliminated from the body. If this does happen, do not stop taking the product, just cut your dose back slightly until your body is adjusted to the formula. And increase your water intake .Then you can increase back to higher doses for optimal results.